Our Services



From procurement and monitoring of maintenance contracts to property repairs, we ensure to reduce costs and to increase the estate value for our clients.


Financial Management

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional, readable and accurate financial reports to make vital decisions regarding operation effectiveness.


Legal Advice

We provide our company panel lawyers of Legal Advisors, in any course of their service, that Management Council are faced with issues which may have legal implications and require legal advice.


The Extra Miles

Customization of solutions to our clients in both commercial and residential. We offer a range of services to help fine-tune inner work processes and management systems.


Financial Management

  • Compile and send out mailings concerning Financial Matters
  • Collections of quarterly Management Fund and Sinking Fund
  • Update arrears listings and to serve reminders for outstanding maintenance contributions. Subject to Client’s approval, to proceed with the legal actions for arrears recovery
  • Monthly Management Financial Report
  • Management of all financial transactions related to the operation of the property
  • Preparing tax returns, statistical returns and any other requirements and requests from government and statutory bodies
  • Budgeting and expenditure advice
  • Prepare Year-End Financial Statement for Auditing
  • Arrange for appointed auditors for the audit of accounts as required by BMSMA